Redefining Sports Entertainment
By combining emerging technologies, Behaviol
aims to enrich, expand and democratise sports entertainment in the virtual world, one game at a time.
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Next-generation esports platform
powered by Artificial Intelligence
Co-founded by Krishan Deegalla, entrepreneurs Dinuk Jayasuriya, Reza Magdon-Ismail and cricketing legend Kumar Sangakkara, Behaviol is on a mission to introduce a new category of sporting entertainment. With a passion for merging technology with entertainment in meaningful, sustainable, and accessible ways, Behaviol is committed to addressing the challenges in the gaming industry.
Blurring the lines between real and virtual
Living and "digitally breathing" AI athletes are developed with rich back stories and unique DNA flowing through neural networks. Each athlete improves the more they train, with each game they compete in and the more rehabilitation they receive - just like real world athletes. But that's not all, diversified training activities like outdoor running will improve the AI player's endurance making this a truly real meets virtual experiential ecosystem.
A paradigm shift that sets the stage for a new experience
Backed by a group of well known and respected sporting legends and investors, Behaviol is on a mission to create an experience unlike any other. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil more exciting news over the next few months.
Shepherding the world’s second most popular sport of cricket to the metaverse, Behaviol's inaugural game, Meta11, brings a new take on the fantasy sporting leagues already played by hundred of millions of fans globally.
White label solution for a groundbreaking AI-powered cricket game, offering a unique real-time prediction gaming mechanic for gaming and betting services.
We will be unveiling some cool stuff in the next
few months. Stay tuned.
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